Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 10/21

“Losing sucks, don’t suck”
Congrats to Dori, Jackie, Liz, Kim, Dan, Barb, Tina, Pat and Kari (sorry if I missed anyone) for participating in the Detroit Free Press running events. You guys all rock. Your hard work absolutely paid off.
Muddy Watters Notes
– Muddy Watters Fall Cider Slam is Sunday. Get registered online before Wednesday. There will be race day registration but you’ll pay more, which sucks.
– There will be a kids (little kids) candy hunt following the event. It’s free
– Big kids? We have something even better for them. I need about 5 kids capable of throwing apples at adults. Really. Contact me if you have a young delinquent in training
Motor City Bootcamp Notes
– This weeks schedule is posted. No Friday night workout as of right now. That may change if we can get Bloomer marked earlier in the week. I’ll let you know if that happens
– This weeks Bandit workouts will be password protected. If you’re following them, contact me for it.

Training Schedule Below…

5:30AM (MCB) 6:30AM 7:15AM 7:30AM Noon 5:00pm 5:30PM 6:15PM 7:00PM
Monday (WPE) boxing burst open
Tuesday (Chester Roof) burst Ladies Run
Wednesday (WPE) boxing burst
Thursday (WPE sport yoga) burst
Friday (Gusoline Alley)
Sunday  Boxing  Burst

For a map of the parking deck locations, visit

WPE Studio is located at 23446 Woodward Ave in Ferndale


3 thoughts on “Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 10/21

  1. Good news, all are well and you survived “daddy time”. My friends/houseguest came in and one ran the half so we were there…..what an event! Password? Hope to get a workout in next couple days. See you Friday……..

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