Believe You’re Great (even if you’re not…)

That second part was a joke.

It occurred to me while watching the Tigers beat NY again. A-rod, one of the best players to ever play the game, was on the bench cheering on his teammates and quite content to be doing so. The only problem was this, he was benched and not in the lineup. What’s the problem with this? It’s not that his performance has sucked, so has that of most of his high paid teammates. The problem is that he basically took it without any objection. This may or may not be the actual case but, from everything I’ve read, he’s basically just gone with it. Does he not know how great he is? Does he not know that he’s one of the players that got them to where they’re at? How do you sit there and not say “No, I’m not sitting, I’m playing. End of story”? Would he be seen as a god awful teammate? Maybe by those that have never been affiliate with a competitive sport at a high level. I can guarantee you this – if he were to make a statement saying just that, that he should be playing, NOT sitting, he may look bad in the media but he’d garner far more respect from his teammates. Sitting there and being a cheerleader without wanting to rock the boat may look good, but it’s a sure way to lose the respect and support of the guys that are playing their ass off, for far less money. This, I promise you!


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