Some Muddy Watters / MCB updates – free training

Be prepared to suffer. When you are training for an event as large as a 140.6-mile triathlon, it is a long haul. There is going to be bad weather, aching body parts and times when you are just plain tired. Know that some stress, followed by rest, will make you stronger physically and mentally.
Training Notes
– Do you love training with MCB or doing the Muddy Watters races? Here are some incentives for you to get some free training with us…
Detroit News is going to be running a late fall story about businesses that pay for employee fitness. MCB is going to be a part of that article. Get your place of work to participate in a group workout program with us (can be any time already posted on the schedule or a private group for an additional cost) that lasts at least 8 weeks. I’ll give your peeps a special rate and I’ll give you 4 months of free training, normal cost of $600. Must be at least 3 employees
Once you sign up for the Fall Cider Slam, you can train twice a week, for free, with any workout group listed on the schedule. You can train right up until the race day. After that, you’ll get a discounted rate should you choose to continue. I’m only going to offer this for people that sign up in the next 10 days, so do it soon.
On Facebook? “Like” Motor City Bootcamp, Dirty Digs and Freeland Orthodontics and get a free week of workouts, including the boxing workouts. Has to be done by Monday.
– Bloomer Park “endurance” workout.
The workout will take place on 9/9 at 9am. Meet up at the Stone Shelter. This is a great way to see what the Muddy Watters races are all about. If you’ve done them, this is a great way to take another, longer, ass kicking. It’ll be set up, slightly, like a race but we won’t be racing. As a group, we’ll navigate around the park, through some storm drains, off some bridges, etc. We’ll be stopping several times for exercise stations. Maybe even go through some light navigation work. Not a horrible idea to bring something to drink. Plan to be there about 2 hours. Cost is $15, most of which will go to No cash on the day of, you must register here by 9/5
– Anyone looking for a great used medium size SUV? You won’t find a nicer one than this. How do I know? It belongs to my sister!
– Lastly, thanks to everyone who voted Motor City Bootcamp as the best place to train in Ferndale. Also, thanks to those that voted me “Best of the Best” trainers in the Metro Detroit area. I owe you, thus the free training above…

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