Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 8/26

5:30 AM (MCB) 6:30 AM 7:15 AM 7:30 AM Noon 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:15 PM 7:00 PM
Monday (WPE)* burst* boxing* burst* (open/Men)
Tuesday (Chester Roof) burst Ladies Run
Wednesday (WPE)* burst* burst boxing* burst* (open)
Thursday (WPE sport yoga) boxing (open)
Friday (Gusoline Alley)* burst* burst* boxing*
Sunday boxing* burst*

For a map of the parking deck locations, visit

WPE Studio is located at 23446 Woodward Ave in Ferndale

* denotes “fusion” workout (back to back sessions that will include TRX, kettle bell, boxing and interval work)

(*) denotes “open” workout (wkout to be posted on the board. I’ll be in the gym but not directily leading the workout)

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Abraham Lincoln
Motor City Bootcamp notes
– the new schedule is posted at
– though the early am session meets at the studio tomorrow, plan to get some running in. Get there on time so we don’t miss you
– Bloomer workout for September will be held on the 9th. Plan on the same basic format as one of the races, just a little longer duration. Meet at 9 am at the stone shelter. You’ll need to sign up on prior to 9/6. Cost is $15, a portion of which will benefit The signmeup page will be set up by the end of the day tomorrow – I’ll send you the link when it is
– get your ass in shape – I still need 1 more for the 6 week gig. A couple of you mentioned it, now get your ass in gear and get it rolling, contact me asap
Muddy Watters notes
– Check out the October Runner’s World. It should be on the stands by the end of this week. Cider Slam will be the featured race for the month. Speaking of which, sign up for it! Free weekly workouts up until the race once you do
– If you want some training for the race, or any multisport race, but can’t get in to MCB, contact me for some correspondence work. I have the “bandit” workouts set up for that specific purpose. If you’re motivated enough to do them, you’ll reap the benefits
– Video to check out
248 320 5705

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