Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 8/19

5:30 AM (MCB) 6:30 AM 7:15 AM 7:30 AM Noon 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:15 PM 7:00 PM
Monday (WPE)* x* x* x* (x)
Tuesday (Chester Roof) x Ladies Run
Wednesday (WPE)* x* x x* x* (x)
Thursday (WPE sport yoga) x (x)
Friday (Gusoline Alley)* x* x* x*
Sunday x* x*

For a map of the parking deck locations, visit

WPE Studio is located at 23446 Woodward Ave in Ferndale

* denotes “fusion” workout (back to back sessions that will include TRX, kettle bell, boxing and interval work)

(*) denotes “open” workout (wkout to be posted on the board. I’ll be in the gym but not directily leading the workout)

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
MCB notes
– this weeks training schedule is posted on the blog
– Friday am and pm workouts will be open to anyone new to the program who’s interested in checking things out
Muddy Watters notes
– race #3 was great – great weather, great course (not mismarked, you dumb shit) and great results. Speaking of which, the race results are posted at Video footage will be available soon and posted to the facebook page. Make sure to “like” it so you’ll get the update once it’s posted
– anyone that participate yesterday is welcome to take advantage of a free week of training with us at Motor City Bootcamp
– registration is open for the Fall Cider Slam. Same thing you just did, add in some orienteering and sweet costumes (and getting apples thrown at you) and you get the idea. Race will be capped at 150. Register soon
– video to check out
248 320 5705

5 thoughts on “Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 8/19

  1. Hi Jeff –   Hope you are doing well.   I would love to join the class on Friday if that works for you.  I am in Montreal so the only day for me would be Friday.   Let me know.  Thanks!!  Dawn


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