Muddy Watters / Free Training / Kids Race info

I’m going to be having a workout in Ferndale, 23446 Woodward, for anyone that’s participated in Diamonds & Dirt and/or any of the Muddy Watters races. This is what we do and where the races came from, the Motor City Bootcamp concept. If you like the races, you’ll dig the workout. This is also the program that you have 2 weeks access to upon completion of any of our races. Game plan is to meet at 8:30 am. I need you to confirm if you’re coming. This will be an intro workout, to show you a little bit of everything. The group will ONLY be made up of new peeps.

We’re having our “mini” Muddy Watters race immediately upon the conclusion of #3 in August. This will be our first time having an actual “race” for the kids. It’s going to be about a mile long and will have some water involved. They WILL need to register for it. They can do the kids race without having had a parent race beforehand. To register, go here

New option for our races will be to pay less for registration if you don’t care about getting a shirt. This allows us to order some pretty sweet race tech shirts for those that choose to get one. Thus the price discrepancy. Anyone registering after 8/8 will NOT have the option of getting a race shirt. As well, there will be NO extra shirts for day of registrants. Too big of a hassel trying to backorder them for people, 1/2 of which actually get picked up. In other words, we don’t want to keep getting stuck with a stockroom full of shirts we had to shell out xtra cash for.

Sorry for the delay in getting the team info out. Still working out a few last second details. I’ll have the final team registration info to you in tomorrow’s email.


5 thoughts on “Muddy Watters / Free Training / Kids Race info

  1. I’m a little late seeing this. My sister and I participated in the first two muddy watters races ( my sister hurt her ankle…remember?) Anyway, the ankle is all healed and we wanted to use our two free weeks of boot camp. We were just going to hit up the 5:30 a.m. workouts, but I just saw this and wondered if we missed the boat on our two free weeks. We both train using boot camp style exercises. I used to participate in group boot camp classes on a regular basis for several months. So, I’m wondering if we might be able to still do the 5:30 a.m. classes…or are there other options?

  2. We’ll be coming August 27th! Hopefully that whole week…if we don’t die during the Monday morning workout! 😉

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