Week 5 email blast / happenings

week 5 of 7
Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James
Muddy Watters notes
– Only a few more days until Muddy Watters #2. What to expect? Nothing at all like the 1st one.
– Online race registration will close on Thursday. If you want to avoid paying an xtra $5 on race day, sign up soon.
– Mentioning once more that the D&D shirts are/have been here. My gym is not a “gym” per say. I’m only here for classes and appointments. You can view the schedule at the blog – jeffwatters.wordpress.com. You can come here during any of those workouts or, if none of those work, let me know when you can get by and I’ll do my best to meet you here.
– Speaking of shirts – what about a shirt “pick up party/ass kicking”? Many you gals have asked about the free Motor City Bootcamp training. I’d like to set up a time, maybe a weekend time? that would work for most of you guys to come over to my studio in Ferndale. I’d hold a D&D only workout here. You could all check it out at the same time, all first timers. Thoughts?
– Race times are posted and should be published by this evening. Provided we don’t lost power again. Want to know the minute they’re posted? Sign up to “follow” my blog at the above address. As soon as it’s posted there, you’ll be notified.
Watters Performance / Motor City Bootcamp notes
– This week’s workout schedule is posted on the blog.
– Just heard that the Fall Cider Slam will be the featured race in Runners World’s October issue. Just a heads up to check it out!
– I’m looking to do another 8 week “slim down, weight loss, etc” program and I need between 2 – 4 people to do. I need them to be new to me, or at least not having trained with me in the last 6 months. I need you to commit to at least 3 workouts with me per week, but preferably 5-6. Follow my diet guidelines. They’ll be based on your individual lean body weight. I need to start this up asap. If you’re interested, contact me soon. If you meet the goals we set out for, you can train for another 4 weeks for free.
– Great video to check out

8 thoughts on “Week 5 email blast / happenings

  1. Hi, I’m interested in the 8 week “slim down, weight loss, etc”. I’m a new client and can commit to at least 3 workouts a week. If my husband is not traveling, then I can do 5-6 workouts a week. Let me know what information you need from me and/or what I need to do to get started. Thanks!

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