Final Muddy Watters Update / Dori’s Book

To be successful, you have to be willing to give up what you are for what you want to be”
Muddy Watters
– Water level? Fun. Some swimming? Only in a couple of “holes” in the river bed. Don’t worry though, the current will be quick enough that you’ll just have to float for 50 feet or so. Major swamp crossing with possible downed wire fence and large snapping turtles? Yep. Switchback and side hill trail run? Yep. A little bush whacking? Yep. Some wide open stretches for those that want to pass up some peeps? Yep. Sledding hills, long staircase? NOPE. Don’t worry though (especially my slaughter peeps), you’ll have plenty of “other” work to make up for it.
– If you’re interested in seeing some footage taken yesterday of the Clinton River portion of your run, and the water level, please click here.
– I NEED A COUPLE MORE VOLUNTEERS! If you’re available for it, contact me asap.
– Can’t believe I’m saying this but, D&D backorders are FINALLY here. I’ll be giving you days and times that you can come by my gym next week to pick them up. Watch for the email.
– “Like” Muddy Watters Bump & Run Trail Series on Facebook for some great deals from our sponsors.
Dori’s Book Contribution – please leave a comment for it
Hi Dori/Jeff,
Here is the link to the book on the Amazon page:

The book will be free within the next few hours. I think it starts at either 12am or 12pm US time. As soon as you see the price tag at $0.00 then you know it is on promotion.
Tell everyone you know to download the book now that it is free and also ask them to leave a short comment on the Amazon page if possible.
Thanks for being a part of this book series.
248 320 5705

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