Week 2 of 7 email blast (Muddy Watters #1)

week 2 of 7
Many great ideas have been lost because people who had them could not stand being laughed at. -Anonymous
Muddy Watters #1 notes
– race day is right around the corner. Those that are new, don’t forget that you’re able to train with us for 2 weeks of your choosing, following race day. Look at the schedule and see what works. Those that are signed up to race #2 or #3, you can use those 2 weeks any time you like.
– what to expect on race day? NOT water stations, NOT run little obstacles and NOT a ton of people. My events are small, hard and self sufficient. There’s water at the end but, play it safe and bring a water bottle. You will get wet, you will be knocked around and you will probably even get lost – don’t worry, someone else will be lost too. Groupon peeps need to get there at 8:30, hilltop shelter, and bring with you whatever groupon gave you as a receipt.
– there IS race day registration. If you sign up on race day, it’s $40. DO NOT expect to get a shirt unless there’s extras, which they’re won’t be. Many of the groupon people won’t get them either. We order everything several weeks before the race. Extras will go to groupon first. If you want a shirt and don’t get one, you can but one at cost and we’ll back order them. They’re around $8.
Early race packet pickup will be Friday at my studio in Ferndale. 23446 Woodward Ave. Park in the back. You can come in between 4 and 7, let me know if you’re coming. If you come in at 5, you can get in a free workout – see what you can expect with your free 2 week pass.
MCB / WPE notes
– the new schedule is posted at jeffwatters.wordpress.com
– I want to clarify a couple of things on the schedule – Open workout means that anyone can attend. It’s free (though there is a suggested $10 donation that goes to Gloves-on.com). The Men’s and Ladies runs are both “open” workouts. Though they’re obviously gender specific. The groups will be set up for a run or an in studio workout – pick either one. I’ll be here to help out and to lay out the workout format. I won’t be taking you through it, I’ll be with a client. The running is geared towards those training for 10k, 1/2 and full marathons. You’ll get run and strength training as well as some sport specific stretching. Get your ass there…
Open sparring will take place on Monday at 8pm and Thursday at 7pm. Bring your own headgear and mouthpiece. This is the same as the other open workouts – Suggested $10 donation for Gloves-on. That donation does not apply to the clients that will be training with me during the open sparring times. As with the other open workouts, I want to know if you’re coming.
– great pollution information site – check it out http://scorecard.goodguide.com/

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