Research Before you Sign Up…

Sorry if this is a little less than mature but, if you know me, you know that I just GOTTA respond to this comment left (anonymously of course) after the Diamonds & Dirt event last month – but I know who you are devil woman – ha…   See me response below
Be honest with what you are hosting. Explain that the cour…se is unmanned – and that no first aid or water will be made available. Explain that it is a loosely run event – no chip timers, and that you do not have permission from local authorities to run the course as laid out. Run at your own risk! Please respect that foul language isn’t appreciated at a public event by many people (especially when you have a childrens fun run at the same time)
I am hosting an “adventure run” which, by definition, is unmanned. There’s plenty of water on the course, it’s called the Clinton River. If the water jugs are empty by the time you finish the race, you can do one of two things – finish faster or bring your own water bottle. Which is what the majority of racers I know of do any way. There’s plenty of first aid, just not for a hang nail. We have a defibrillator on hand, who has that?? I guess my motto is that if it’s still beatin you can still be runnin. Loosely run event and no chip timers – I’ll have to make a “push” on this one. We always award first male, first female, last male and last female. Everything else goes in the raffle. The point is to finish as we don’t do categories but, I will be caving in slightly this season and having Hanson’s time it. NOT because I want to but because my wife will divorce me if the races get any bigger and she’s stuck doing the timing. I have to get each route ok’ d by the city (at least most of it..) and that parts that aren’t ok’ d are the parts that you guys keep coming back for. We put in, as race promoters, as significant amount of time keeping Bloomer clean so that my racers, as well as others, can enjoy it. We never do anything detrimental to the nature of the park, only the nature of the racers. Run at your own risk? It’s an adventure run people! That’s implied. Foul language around kids always sucks. Since I’m not their parent, perhaps those that are should take it upon themselves to ask those using it to stop. If any of this response offends you – you are MOST CERTAINLY at the wrong event. Perhaps a nice family fun day such as Muddy Buddy would be a better fit – I hear they have cotton candy stations along the way….
“If you’re not first, you’re last” – Ricky Bobby

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