Week 1 of 7 (Sunday’s Blast)

week 1 of 7
I could not point to any need in childhood as strong as that for a father’s protection. – Sigmund Freud
(before anyone gets all pissed off, I’ll have a “mother” quote next time)
Welcome back bitches! This week’s WPE / MCB notes
– Itinerary for Tuesday night – “bandit” workout at 6 followed by Dori at 7 (which means a 4-5 mile run, no yoga following the run this week)
– What’s the “bandit” workout you ask? It means it’s not posted on the schedule. It’s also not going to be led by me. Come to the studio, I’ll lay out the routine for you and send you out the door. Game plan is to have you do the strength work by “banditing”, then stay for the run. There’s also going to be a bandit workout on Saturday, 8 am. Same gig. At the studio where I’ll lay it out and then send you off. The “bandit” work this week will both start and end at WPE
– I’m going to start posting bandit workouts on the blog, along with certain sponsor specials that come up. Last week we had 5 free massages from one of our sponsors. I posted it on the blog, first come first serve. Sign up to follow the blog and you’ll be notified as soon as I post something. This email will soon be moving to the blog as well. If you want to keep getting it, I suggest signing up to follow it www.jeffwatters.wordpress.com
– Being that this is week 1 of a new session, plan for a fitness test at some point this week. Probably later in the week
– Interested in a Moosejaw discount? They’ll be offering us one later in the week. Again, if you’ve not heard it enough times yet, info will be posted on the blog only. Follow it!
– Please keep in mind that the Monday night Men’s workout and the Tuesday night Women’s workouts are both meant to be used as a way to continue our support of Gloves-on. So, it’s not free. Please bring $10 for the workout. The bandit workouts are just an added bonus
– Please check out our 2012 Muddy Watters Sponsor list. Please support our sponsors, with whom we’d not be able to run an event with so many illegal features! Also, please check out our first official “kids only” race
248 320 5708

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