This week in WPE / MCB notes

week 6 of 7
Begin somewhere: you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. -Elizabeth Smith
WPE / MCB Notes
– This week’s schedule is posted. For those that don’t know where “kor” deck is at, it’s next to the new theater on the corner of 11 and Main in Royal Oak.
– This is the last “active” week of the current session. Other than sessions this weekend, we encourage you to participate in some sort of race/event. There’s a list of some that are going on next weekend if you visit the web site. We’ll be at Martian and the SMOC event.
– Monday night is the Men’s workout/run/Tony’s group. $10, goes to Gloves-on. Women will meet on
Tuesday again for some yoga and running. Both groups meet at 7.
– Link to check out
Muddy Watters Trail Series Notes
– For the 2012 season, there’s going to be a few timing and award changes. For timing, there won’t be any. Can’t make it much more clear than that. First male, first female will be awarded. Last male, last female will be awarded. Everything else will be given away in the post race raffle. Want your race time? Bring a stop watch. This is about finishing.

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