4/1 weekly email blast (Tony’s / Valentine Vodka Runs)

A smile is the beginning of peace. -Mother Teresa
WPE / MCB notes
– the new schedule is posted on the blog. Note that this is week 5 of our 6 week training week (7th week recovery week). I’ll have some featured races in this weeks midweek email. I’d like to get as many of you as I can, to register for some sort of event during that off week
– the men’s and women’s workouts begin this week. If you didn’t read the last email, it goes a little something like this… Monday night (men’s group) there will be a short, intense burst workout. Following the workout will be either a 3 or 6 mile run, both routes will be posted in the studio. Following that, which should be around 8:15, some of us will head next door to Tony’s for a refreshment and some food. If you don’t want to run, there will also be a longer workout posted that you can opt to do. The women’s group will be roughly the same thing. Only changes will be that, rather than a burst workout, you’ll do sport yoga with Dori. On the nights that the ladies go out following the workout, they’ll go to Valentine Vodka rather than Tony’s. Both groups will meet every week. The ladies will hit Valentine once per month. This month’s date will be 4/17. I HAVE to know who’s coming. There is a $10 fee for these workouts. The cash will go to our 2012 charity partner, Gloves-on
– For those that donated old running shoes over the last couple of months, thank you. This is where they went…
Heart and Sole Provides new and gently used shoes to the poorest of the world’s people. Since the project began in 1999, more than 6,000 pairs of shoes have been shipped around the world.
Send your old running shoes to: Ann Cook A314 East Fee Hall College of Osteopathic Medicine Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824-1316 For more information go to www.com.msu.edu or contact Ann at Ann.Cook@hc.msu.edu
– Hanson’s Night was awesome. Thanks to everyone that came out and enjoyed a nice discount. Hanson’s is very active in the community and always takes very good care of us. It’s nice to return the favor.
– Want 6 reasons why you’ll never succeed? Check this out

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