MCB / WPE weekly update – new summer workout (and cocktails…)

The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it. -Voltaire
New Summer Class
– What goes better with summer workouts than a cocktail? The 7 pm, Monday night “men’s” workout will remain in tact BUT it will feature some options. Each Monday, I’ll have 2 running routes posted and flagged. One route will be 3 miles, the other will be 6. In addition to the run will be the normally scheduled burst workout, though a much shorter (and much harder) version of it. Game plan is to get in the workout and head out for a run. Following the workout, that will get done between 8 and 8:15, we’ll be heading next door to give Tony’s Sports Bar some business. You DO NOT have to run. I’ll also have a longer workout posted that you can opt to do instead. Or, hell, just come to the bar.
– Women will have the same option, but on Tuesday nights, same time. The more “dainty” version of the workout will follow a similar layout. Short (and hard) sport yoga workout at the studio followed by your choice of a short or longer run. Ladies workout will finish up at Valentine Vodka.
– This will not be part of the normal schedule and an additional charge or $10 will apply, most of which will benefit our 2012 charity partner, Gloves-on.
– These workouts will begin on 4/2 BUT tomorrow’s 7 pm men’s workout is still ON as normal.
WPE / MCB Notes
– The new schedule is posted on the blog
– There will be a fitness testing this week. Come prepared to run!
– The “events” page on the web site will be up and ready by the midweek email this Wednesday.
– Link to check out.

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