Weekly WPE / MCB Notes

“Whether you think you’ll fail or you think you’ll succeed, you’re correct”
Frozen Watters Notes
– Only 3 more days to register on line. This will be a low key, as in no more than 30-50 racers, low cost event. Still plan on taking an ass kicking though.
– We WILL be sledding, regardless of the amount of snow. If there’s none, plan on doing some “muddin”
– Want to do a Muddy Watters race for free this season? Get someone to register (or register yourself)  before W night at 9 and you’ll get one free race entry. Register by visiting www.jeffwatters.com
– Meeting spot for the race will be the Stone Shelter Pavilion at Bloomer Park.
MCB / WPE Notes
– The new schedule is posted – NO SATURDAY WORKOUT THIS WEEK. Frozen Watters Trail Race is Saturday. Bummed about missing out on Saturday boxing and/or burst? Get your ass out to Bloomer!
– If you think your exercise program has to be meticulously scripted and detailed, keep your eyes open for a new blog coming out soon called “The Chaos Project”. It’s a completely different view on pretty much everything exercise related and everything you’ve read in your “health and fitness” magazines. At least for those that don’t train with “us”.
– 2012 Team Watters Performance? Free group training, sport specific meetings and Team workouts/activities, Team WPE swag and race discounts. Something new this season will be making a couple of appearances at charity and / or volunteer events. Nothing crazy thought. Interested? Get me an email about what you do (exercise and race wise, if anything), why you want in and how many races you plan to compete in this year. Team will be made up of both “elite” and “novice” athletes. I want to have everything set by mid March.

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