Frozen Watters Trail Race info

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad choices of what to wear…”
Frozen Watters Trail Race of Death, it’s ON! 2/25 at Bloomer Park’s Stone Shelter Pavilion
– registration is now open. $20 until the 10th, $25 until the 20th, $30 up until race day and $40 on race day. Read between the lines – REGISTER NOW. We’re not going to register more than 50 bodies.
– this will be a low key event and lots of fun, so long as you don’t hit a tree. If you think you may pull a Matt Webber on the sled, bring a helmet. Course will run about 3 miles of marked course. In that 3 miles, you’ll trail run, do exercises and LOTS of sledding. Some of it will be down very steep, not so straight hills. Bring a sled with you! Can’t race without one. Bring a light one because you’ll be carrying it with you the whole race. Seriously, bring a helmet if you’re nervous. You’ll be sledding down some gnarly hills that are very steep and weave “ever so slightly” through the forest. Register here
Can’t wait for Frozen Watters? Check out Infiterra Sports Kahtoola Mountain Run this weekend at Pine Knob. Anyone up for getting a team together on short notice? 4 or 8k. Let me know asap. Check it out here

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