1/26 midweek updates

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. -Unknown
Frozen Watters Trail Race
– What about 2/25 for a race date? I know I said March, but I’m concerned there may not be any snow by the end of the month. Since that’s a huge part of the race, it may be good to have snow there. But, don’t think I’d have a problem making you sled down the dirt and rocks, I wouldn’t. Those that are interested in doing the race, and doing it on this date, get back to me asap so I can set it aside with Bloomer.
WPE / MCB notes
– The following are a couple of events worth checking out
Want to get in shape for the above events? Join up with the Wednesday night running group for the Detroit Threads Running Team.
248 320 5705

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