New Years Motor City Bootcamp notes

MCB / WPE Notes (lots of them!)

– should be seeing some new faces this week – welcome aboard! Make sure you sign up to follow the blog, that where you’ll find the schedule every Sunday.

– speaking of new faces, they’re partially attributed to a living social add that ran last week. There was a mistake in the pricing / class availability. That being said, I’ll make the same offer available to anyone getting this email that was made to those subscibing on living social. That offer was a month of unlimited MCB / WPE workouts for $40. Must be set up within the next week

– those following the blog know that I post workouts every few days. I’m going to continue to do so but make them a little more detailed. I’m also going to password protect them. If you wish to follow the workouts, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the password

– the Monday, 7pm, Men’s workout is NOT listed on the schedule. Even so, it will begin tomorrow night. Again, confirm with me that you plan to attend. This workout will be INDOORS

– I’m planning for both a 3 and 6 month training camp session to begin in the next week or so. Details of the training camp are as follows – you’ll be expected to make an appearance at the WPE studio at least 3 x per week but I’d prefer 4-6. Any workout on the schedule will be available to you. Whether that be 2 a days or not, you’ll be expected to be consistent. I’ll have the option of dropping you from the program if you’re not. In addition to the group workouts, we’ll have a weekly (or every other week) one on one session. You’ll be required to take weekly weigh ins and body fat measurements and will be given meal plans based on these numbers. You don’t have to be trying to lose weight in order to participate in the program, just a desire to get in great shape in a short amount of time. If that means dropping some weight, so be it. Contact me for more details

old running shoe collection will be taking place for the month of January. Bring in your old running shoes between now and the end of the month. You don’t have to be a MCB / WPE member. Anyone wishing to help some people in need should participate. We have an option of about 4 different charities to give to. Near the end of the month, I send out the links to what those groups are. I’ll take feedback from those that donated in order to decide where they’ll go




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