I must be an idiot and completely oblivious to our social services system. I just read an article that was criticizing a law-maker for wanting to have random drug testing done for anyone that was getting government financial aid. I think it was actually voted down…? What the hell? Why WOULDN’T you want the people getting financial aid to be drug tested? Isn’t part of the system trying to get people back to work and able to stand on their own? How the hell are they supposed to do that if they can’t pass a drug test, probably the same drug test that they’d have to take if they were given the job that they applied for? I don’t agree with some of these crazy, right-wing ideas that want to force these same people to prove that they’re in the process of getting a GED or HS diploma as well as bring a “report card” (really?) when they come to collect at the social services office. I do, however, think it should be absolutely  mandatory that they get drug tested. If the intent is to get people back to work and not to support them and their kids for the next 10 years. If I want to take my weekly pay and go smoke 10 crack rocks and pass out in an alley, that’s my business. My money, my choice – however bad a choice it may be. If you’re in a situation where you need help, which many of us are, you have to give in to some degree. If getting help means you have to take a test proving that you’re not doing things that will keep you from ever having the ability to STOP getting help from others, you do it.


7 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. There are no drug tests for the people trying to pass these laws. I say I would support this if the people passing the laws, being paid with our tax dollars, had to take the same drug test. Pretty hypocritical otherwise.

  2. The folks in Florida who passed this law for the State of Florida found that 98% of applicants passed the drug test. The program is projected to cost the State of Florida $178 MILLION and saving the state only $60K. There is something not right about that. I get the theory, and it makes sense to want to test these people for drugs, but $178 Million is more than $60K. My tax dollars would be better applied towards education, or police and fire services, until they work out just how this will make sense financially.

    1. Why don’t you quit messing up my thought process with useless facts! It’s not like the school system is that important anyway… those that aren’t aware of my relationship with “slappy”, please not that this is totally and completely a joke

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