Cider Slam Update (course description / online registration)

Muddy Watters / Priority Health Fall Cider Slam course description
So it’s 24 hours early, who cares, don’t complain. This is about this
weekend’s Cider Slam. I’ve gotten question about the race format. This is NOT a
marked course. Much more low key and loose event. Basically, you’ll get a map
with different locations in the park, such as shelters and other easily
identifiable spots. You’ll have 90 minutes to get to as many of the “check
points” as you can. At each check point, you’ll have a task, some sort of
exercise to complete, before moving on. Once the task is completed, a volunteer
will initial your passport. There is NO set route, you can go in any order you
wish. This can be as tough or as easy as you make it. Oh yeah, and there’s a
bridge jump. Bring dry clothes.
Last couple of days to register online. Register today – TH and pay $20.
That’s half price. You may not get any swag. If that’s an issue, REGISTER EARLY
NEXT TIME. We have a few xtra shirts and it’s going to be first come first
serve. Day of registration is available, but cost is $40.

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