Fusions Workouts

Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.

MCB / WPE Notes

– What’s a fusion workout? It’s basically combing two different disciplines into one workout. So, if you like running and weight lifting, you may go run a mile and then stop and do 2 sets each of chest press, seated row and shoulder press before continuing on with more running. Many of you that come to box on W night with me will often stay after to do the burst workout. So, it hit me last night, I decided to combine these two workouts into one long “fusion” workout. It won’t effect any of you who are already with me. Anyone new to my programs at the studio, here’s what it means… you’ll spend the first 45-50 minutes working on boxing intervals on the heavy bags and with a partner using focus mitts (no sparring). You WON’T be pulling the Billy Blanks punching in the air crap. Real boxing without the fighting. The boxing workout will flow into my BURST workout. BURST will use resistance intervals such as kettle bells, TRX bands, conventional weight training, heavy ropes, sledge hammer and 275 lb tires to flip and hit. Sounds like two vastly different concepts, and it is. That’s why it works so well. The entire workout will last between 90 and 120 minutes. I’ll start out offering this on M and W night, beginning at 5:30 pm. I’m also going to do a Saturday workout, starting at 6:45 am. Anyone new to my programs can try out 2 fusion workouts at no cost. I need at least a 24 hour heads up. Expect to get your ass kicked, regardless of fitness level. This program can be tailored to various fitness levels, so it’s for everyone. You’ll get in the best shape of your life, maybe even lose 40 lbs over a few months like someone we know… no names though.

– Here’s an event definitely worth checking out

– My last email had a mistake with regard to Cider Slam. Was thinking the race was this week, it’s not. You still have til W to get registered. I need a couple of volunteers. Not just adults but I also need a couple of kids to chuck apples at the adults as they’re running down the river, seriously…

– I have a couple of minor level sponsorships available for the 2012 season. Get your place of biz to sponsor the series (if it’s a fit for each of us) and get free race entries to each race as well as 10 one on one sessions with me for your efforts. Get on it, those 2 spots will be taken, hopefully, by the end of next week.


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