Make it Simple, Stupid

Too many beginner and intermediate runners make the mistake of trying to follow training tips from elite runners. By trying to do temp runs, pace runs and many of the things you read about in runners world, you often take away what’s fun about running. You probably got into this to relieve stress, not create it. Rather than going out with a monitor constantly checking your pace, just make it about time. In other words, say you’re training for a 5k and you plan to do it in 30 minutes. That’s about a 10 minute per mile pace. Rather than go out and try to run 10 minute miles, go run 20 minutes. Just a nice easy pace for 20 minutes. Next week do 25 and the race week, do 30. Don’t wear a monitor and don’t stress about speed. You’ll find that you settle into whatever is your most comfortable stride without having to constantly wonder if you’re going fast enough. You’ll enjoy the run more and you’ll let your body determine things rather than the magazines. There’s a time and a place for the other tools, though most of us will never need them. Make it enjoyable for yourself and you’re more apt to continue doing it.


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