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Well, I went from batting .000 to .500 in less than 24 hours today. My thought is usually one that’s tied in to so much finality. An all or nothing approach. I realized something that I often warn my clients about falling into – you can salvage anything. You have a fuck up day, so what. Make the next day count. You didn’t get to the things you wanted to do today? Take care of tomorrow. You can’t be in yesterday and you can’t be in tomorrow, just be in the here and now.  Yesterday sucked, it was half ass all the way. I went to bed pissed off about it too. I made a conscious effort today, to try not to dwell on yesterday. Once I let myself be free of the last 24 hours, I was able to take on the next 24 in a positive manner and get to all the things on my ever-present “to do” list with minimal stress.

It’s funny how many other areas of our life that applies to. It’s so easy to get caught up reliving everything you’ve failed at, everything you’ve regretted doing. You can’t change any of those things, nor can you change how people feel about them. All you can do is refuse to do it ever again. If you make the most of every today that you get, that’s what you’ll become known for. That’s what you’ll be because those habits will become your personality. Things are never going to be 100%. But, if you can get through the end of the week with the batting average in your favor, you’re probably doing far better than most. I’m thinking a 4 – 7 week is looking doable.



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