Solitude is Bliss

4 pm on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Why is it easy to get motivated to train when nobody else is doing it. Yet, when you have time to do it with everyone else, it’s so easy to find reasons not to. I guess I’m lucky – my history as a fighter and endurance racer has guilted me into rarely missing a training session. Though, getting there isn’t always the toughest part (as many would have you think), what you do once you get there is FAR more difficult. I’m scheduled to train with my Motor City Bootcamp group tomorrow at 5:30 am. The only reason I even scheduled a workout is because I told myself I’d train with the 1 or 2 people that actually show up. My test isn’t getting there, I have to be there. My test will be what I do once I’m there. It’s a thought that could be used in many aspects of my life. From school to marriage (both of them) and even to being a father. It’s funny how all things applicable to several areas of your life are usually ones that point out the things you messed up at some point in the past.

That being said – with the gym looming below me, calling me to come and wonder why I’m not at home, think I’m ready to go knock out some divebombers, pull ups and thrusters for x 12 / x 9 / x 6. Short and sweet. Tomorrow comes the pain. For now I’ll enjoy my solitude. Even if it means doing something that is absolutely NOT bliss. Speaking of which, check out Tame Impalas (band) new song – Solitude is Bliss. Didn’t think I came up with that on my own I hope…



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