Bandit 7/23

2 Mile “Fun” Run

1 mile run

each 1/4 mile do the following

  1. 20 squat jumps / 20 pushups / 20 situps
  2. 10 squat jumps / 10 pushups / 10 situps
  3. 5 squat jumps / 5 pushups / 5 situps

1 mile run

each 1/4 mile do the following

  1. 100 jumping jack squats / 100 mountain climbers
  2. 80 of each
  3. 60 of each
  4. 40 of each
  5. 20 of each



Muddy Watters Trail Series 13 miler / 13 mile relay…




So, it appears that has the 13 mile run / relay listed as an out of state event. It’s not. Just like the other Muddy Watters races, it will take place at Bloomer. Race date is August 9th. Big One can be done solo or as a 2 person relay and I promise you that it will totally SUCK, as in the toughest 13 miles you’ll probably ever run.
You can get more information or register for either event by visiting the link below. Want to do it at a discount? Follow me on twitter and get the discount code.


Muddy Watters schedule / Muddy Watters #2 review



“There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going”
MCB notes
- this weeks schedule is posted on the site – gym week!
- did I say gym week?
Muddy Watters notes
- Muddy Watters #2 kicked ass. Everyone that came out was awesome. What better way to decide a three way tie than a sudden death match of rock, scissors, paper. Matt Vestrand, good shit my man. For the ladies, Saleta McMurray took it. I’m not sure on any of the accurate times since I don’t think anyone ran the complete route without getting lost at some point.
- I’ll have a final race recap later in the week.
- We introduced a couple of new local sponsors. Check out Detroit Surf Co and Ink Addict. I know both owners personally and these guys are kick ass. Ink Addict in Ferndale is hands down the coolest building I’ve ever been in. Check them out…



Muddy Watters Trail Race / MCB Training Schedule 7/6



“Do it for the people who want to see you fail”
Muddy Watters Trail Race 7/12
- Only a few days left to register – this is the only short course this season. Route will be roughly 4-5 miles. Go to my twitter account for the discount code at sign up. Best $ you’ll spend this summer
- I’ll post some course updates later this week on FB, once the route is finalized at Bloomer
Motor City Bootcamp notes
- This week’s schedule is posted at
- Open session participants, for the evening groups, must confirm a spot prior to coming until I let you know otherwise. Please follow this so I can plan properly
- Coming soon – Team Diesel Boxing. Not an open session, this will actually be to compete in amateur fight events. Contact me if interested


Does Not Apply


My goal for all of my Motor City Bootcampers and other “disciples” for the month of July is to train, every single day. By definition, our goal is to over train. Why? Because unless you’re a professional athlete in the middle of a training camp in which you’re putting in over 5 hours a day of pounding – you AINT doing it. I use “aint” for effect… I’m actually somewhat literate. Point is, even the majority if the pro athletes that DO train that often are still fine. Why? Because they have access to massage and other types of therapy to keep their body in a mode that it’s able to recover. Their programming is set up in such a way that they’re constantly doing different things so that the body doesn’t adapt to one particular movement, thus it doesn’t get over worked to the point that there’s an injury. Over trainingĀ is the most “over”used word in training. Most of the people I see, even the trainers, are FAR from over trained, they’re under trained. By a lot! Take this month (actually next month) and train your ass off, every day. If you’re sore, do something light. If you’re not, hit it hard. Doesn’t matter, just train. Get enough sleep, eat well and drink lots of water. Guess what’s going to happen? You’ll be in better shape and will most likely have gotten twice the amount of training sessions in over the month than you would have, had you listened to conventional advice about how often to train. When you look exactly how you want to look, perform exactly how you want to perform and feel confident about your next olympic time trial or pro fight, we’ll talk about over training. Until that point, quit being a pussy. You’re fine. The soreness comes from training the way you need to train. Barring injury (which is usually from bad form and not frequency of training), you’re fine. Wipe your tears away and move your ass – you’ll feel better soon. If you don’t? Do it again.