Motor City Bootcamp training notes for the week of 12/7

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MCB Notes

– This weeks schedule is posted. Please note a couple of schedule updates later in the week, and please confirm your spots for this week’s training sessions

- Doing a special program that you may have seen on the FB page, crazy 3’s. It’s 3 months of small group training, 3 sessions per week, 3 one on one sessions for $333. We’ll set a very specific goal to meet. If we meet it, you get another 3 months at no cost. You can start at any time in December, January or February. But you need to contact me this week

- If you’re going to be in Ferndale, come in for a body fat test. For a $10 donation, you’ll get a digital body fat test and a calorie breakdown to go with it. Your calorie intake should ALWAYS be based on your body fat percentage and lean body weight. You CANNOT GET AN ACCURATE CALORIE INTAKE PROGRAM WITHOUT KNOWING THOSE NUMBERS, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR TRAINER OR MAGAZINE TELL YOU. I also give you a short, easy to follow routine you can do one your own that’ll help you get the ball rolling or keep it rolling if you’re already doing something. Lastly, you’ll get a free group training session to be used at some point this month. Plan to give me about 10 minutes. By appt only

Make Winter Work


Too Cold to Exercise? Nope

By Jeff Watters


How many of you outdoor runners and exercisers pack it in for the cold winter months? Probably a good number of you do. How crazy would it be if you were told that these are the best times to be exercising? Not only exercising, but doing so outdoors? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s exactly the case.


One of the biggest questions from active people at this time of year is “when is it too cold to exercise outdoors?” The answer is never. There are far too many people that get drawn into myths about cold weather exercise; this prevents them from taking advantage of a truly great time to be out enjoying the great outdoors.


Some people worry that cold air will damage their lungs. If they do go out at all, they cover up their mouths with scarves in order to warm the air as it enters their body. Unnecessary! No matter how cold the air is, by the time it gets to your lungs, it’s body temperature. Any asthma like symptoms experienced during the cold weather exposure is because of dry air, not cold air. You would get the exact same response if you were to run someplace, such as a desert, where the air was just as dry but 70 degrees warmer.


Others believe that they need to wear so many layers of clothing that they’re hobbled by losing range of motion. So they slow down, no sprint work, worried that they’re more susceptible to injury. The truth is that you need to start out feeling a little bit cold. Your body temperature will elevate quickly. If you start out exercising and you’re warm when you begin, you have too much clothing on. Your body will be much more likely to dehydrate (yes! Even in the cold!) if you have too many layers on. The biggest hazard, hypothermia, comes only with a combination of wet AND cold. That’s because water transfers heat from the body so much faster than air. Another reason not to overdress. As long as you keep moving, your body generates heat. Plenty of heat to keep your core temperature above the 95 degrees needed to avoid hypothermia.


Doubt what I’m saying? We’ve been working out in the cold Michigan winters since 1995. Not once has someone stopped a workout because they were too cold. Here are the tips you’ll need to continue with your running / outdoor exercise routine until the spring gets here. Start with a “wicking” layer to pull moisture away from your body, both upper and lower body. Secondly, you’ll want some sort of insulating layer. Fleece is good but sometimes bulky. Avoid cotton. This layer should keep your body warm but not be too bulky. Lastly is your protection layer. This can be some sort of “shell”. This will be a light layer designed to keep the wind off of your body so your core body temperature stays where it should. If you don’t wear this, you could end up with that fun little wet AND cold combination we described above. And, just like your mother told you, always wear a hat and gloves. Your head loses the majority of the heat, if not covered, when you train in the cold. The first place your body will pull heat from is your extremities (hands and feet) so always keep them nice and warm.


Feel better now? No need to head to Florida or into the gym. Go plan your next winter race; you have no reason not to!




Jeff owns Motor City Bootcamp and Watters Performance LLC. He’s also a member of the Brooks ID and P.A.C.E Programs as well as head coach and trainer of Team Diesel Boxing. Follow his blog at or visit his website

Motor City Bootcamp / Muddy Watters notes for this week 11/30



“I don’t want to live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive”
MCB Notes
- This week’s schedule is posted. Please confirm your spots
-  21 training sessions in 24 days, starting tomorrow… who can do it?
- I’m going to be setting up a North / South training schedule for the winter that will include some dates at both Bloomer (North) and Detroit (South). These will be weekend training sessions. Watch for the signup information to be posted this week
- Last day for donkey kicks. Who did their 7500? Post that shit on the FB page
Muddy Watters Notes
- Here’s your teaser…  One day, larger and more open location, steeper hills, deeper water, nastier swamps and less deputies. In? Plan is one weekend only. 1 long race, 1 shorter race and once chance to run them both.
- Playing with the idea of a destination event, meaning up north in the Gaylord area. Just sayin’
- Information on early signup and dates will be coming soon. Want to train? Planning a couple of “pop up” training days. Was driving home from up north and kept admiring the backside of the ski slopes at Mt Holly. I’m thinking of a way to meet up in the quarry surrounding the area and bandit that bitch… stay tuned

Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for the week of 11/23

“Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time.”
Motor City Bootcamp training notes for this week
- Short week with turkey day, so get here M-W morning for some ass kickings before having the rest of the week off. No training sessions from W pm through Sunday. Pick things back up next Monday
- The schedule is posted, confirm your spots for this week
- If anyone’s interested in doing a Th 5:30 am session at Hart Plaza, and will show up for it, let me know
- Last week for donkey kicks. Who’s been doing them?
- Kids program to start up after Thanksgiving. Signup through the end of this week. Only 8 spots
- If you’re interested in this Winters High Profile Adventure Camp and/or the Lightning Strikes Adventure Race, see the flyer below

High Profile Adventure Camp


Lightning Strikes Adventure Race

                     March 20 – 22, 2015

    YMCA Camp Benson, Mt. Carroll, Illinois



The 9th annual camp is targeted towards all levels of adventure racers and those seeking new experiences.  You will receive expert instruction and plenty of hands on experience on fixed ropes (rappelling, ascending, tyrolean traverses, zip lines, slacklining), land navigation (compass reading, map reading, route selection, UTM’s, orienteering), rock climbing (gear, top roping, lead climbing, belaying), canoe and kayak paddling, mountain biking, and other related topics.

Register as an individual or as a team.  The cost is only $230 per adult.  Parents, bring your teens for only $115.00.  Cost includes: all instruction, ropes and rigging, canoes, 2 nights lodging in cabins, 3 meals, an adventure race, certificate of attendance, an valuable schwag.   


On Sunday, a 4 hour beginner, non-competitive and an 8 hour competitive sprint length adventure race will begin at 0600.  Both races will feature whitewater canoeing, trekking, caving, mountain biking, and multiple fixed ropes.  The challenging, 8 hour race will cover approximately 50 miles in and around Carroll County, Illinois.  The 4 hour race approximately 25 miles.  LIDAR topo maps will be used throughout the course.  This is one of the “premier” adventure races in the county!  The 8 hour race will be a USARA regional qualifier for the National Championship.

The 2015 Camp, is the only, and the longest running, premier adventure racing camp in the United States is presented by:

Latest News

NEW!  Seperate beginner/intermediate and

advanced instruction in land navigation, ropes, and rock climbing.

NEW!  Bring your children!  1/2 off registration.

Get your children involved in adventure racing and enjoy the sport as a family.

NEW!  Register for the 8 hour Lightning Strikes Adventure Race only for $150/person.

NEW!  Sessions on race strategy and tactics, gear, and first aid using AMK’s during races.

NEW!  New addition to the main lodge currently under construction to be ready by the camp!

NEW!  Huge climbing wall under the roof at the Pavillion.  Four auto belays with multiple routes.  The wall will be used during the camp.

NEW!  The highlight of the 2014 Lightning Strikes Adventure Race was the LUGE!  Plan on experiencing it once again.

NEW!  You will not find a more experienced, sincere, fun, and professional group of dedicated volunteers anywhere.  35+ volunteers are involved in the camp. 

NEW!  Plan on receiving the best schwag in all of adventure racing from our sponsors.  Active Endeavors, MERRELL, Osprey, ENViROMARK, Mc Nett, The Right Stuff, Salomon/SUUNTO, ZANFEL, Adventure Medical Kits, SOLE, GoCoffeeEnergy and more to be named!

DID YOU KNOW…Over 2,000 people have “Learned, Trained, Competed” in the High Profile Adventure Camp during the past 8 years!

DID YOU KNOW…The camp has been a “skill certifying” venue for Primal Quest!

DID  YOU KNOW…That proceeds of the camp are donated to the Sterling/Rock Falls YMCA to “Send Kids to Camp” 

DID YOU KNOW…The camp is the only sanctioned adventure racing camp in the U.S.


“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful weekend.  Th experience for my 11 year old daughter was incredible and she hasn’t stopped talking about it yet.  She already wants to plan new adventures.  I could not imagine doing such a thing at her age.  It was a great bonding time for us as well.  She is usually my sidekick anyway but this was over the top.  I can not express how the camp has made a lifelong lasting memory for her.  She is a very proud girl and I had just as much fun myself.  Everyone ate camp was great and welcoming as usual with unbelievable energy which rubs off on all of us.  Again – Thank you!”

                                                Dan Carstens

“Thanks to you and your people for a great weekend of adventure.  You guys really do put on a first class event!


                                               Scott Fredrickson

“Well it was brutal going back to reality after our super fun weekend; but somehow we all managed to survive!  Thanks so much for all of the great opportunities last weekend,we all had a blast and learned alot of new things.  Your volunteers always do such an amazing job with us beginners, they are patient teachers and supporters!  We will be back again in 2015 with more women! 

Chris Ciasto, Quad Cities Women’s Outdoor Club

      For more information and to register, go to:  On-line registration is FREE!

Go to to access the registration site.

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Hola Bitches!

UM – The protesters — led by the activist group By Any Means Necessary — issued a set of demands, including doubling underrepresented minority student enrollment, adopting a version of a Texas plan offering admission to anyone finishing in the top 10% of his or her high school class in Texas, having on-site admissions enrollment in Detroit’s high schools, and creating a special scholarship for undocumented students…

This is the same group (among others) that didn’t want race to be represented as a question on the application for admission (which it shouldn’t be). Doesn’t this contradict that or am I missing something? If there’s 10 open spots, why can’t the 10 best applicants be admitted, regardless of sex, age or anything else? A scholarship for undocumented aliens (which actually makes them criminals)? Come one!

Motor City Bootcamp training notes for the week of 11/17


“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” 
 Calvin Coolidge
MCB Notes
- The remaining training sessions for this week are posted. Back on schedule as of tomorrow at 5:30 am
- How ‘them donkey kicks coming?
- Looking to start back up with the kids program “Get in the Ring”. Let me know about any interest. I’ll have a start up date in the next week
- If you didn’t get the Moosejaw discount code, you didn’t sign up to follow me on twitter. Sucks for you. But here’s another chance. Have another discount coming up for something different but equally bad ass. Follow my twitter account to get it. It’ll only be offered for a couple of days


Bandit 11/10

This is SHIT! (super high intensity training)

15 sets in 15 minutes

10 deep push ups every minute on the minute for 5 minutes

9 deep push ups every minute on the minute for 4 minutes

7 deep push ups every minute on the minute for 3 minutes

5 deep push ups every minute on the minute for 2 minutes

knee push ups, as many reps as possible until complete failure