Bandit 11/1

Bandit 11/1

Take either 5 pieces (if they’re regular size) or 10 pieces (if miniatures) of your favorite Halloween candy. However many calories the first one contains is how many squat thrusts you’ll do. Take as many sets as you need to complete the set. Do the same with the second piece but do a combination of squats and squat jumps, doesn’t matter how you break it up. Go back to squat thrusts with your third piece and follow the same format, rotating between the two moves until you work through all your candy.

What’s at the End

What’s most important isn’t always putting up the best performance, it’s getting through when it’s hard. I know this because I preach it to anyone and everyone that I train. But this past weekend reiterated that thought very clearly and I couldn’t be more happy that it did.

Once up a long time ago, I was a decent runner. With a couple of years of less and less running due in part to heart disease as much as due to a complete intolerance of running, my quicker days are most likely behind me. With that being said, I’d committed to running the Great Turtle Half Marathon on Mackinac Island last weekend. I’ve been going up there for it religiously for 10 years. Used to actually run it too. The last time I’d run it was 8 years ago on my wedding day. I knew I didn’t want to run in and I knew that I’d not really put in any type of running to prepare for it. But I also knew that I’d made a pact with myself to just fucking do it. Once I was able to let go of the things that were once important, like my speed and how many people I could pass without being passed, I was able to focus on the one thing that mattered and that was just doing it. It didn’t matter if I finished in record time or crawled across as long as I finished it. It would have been very easy to find a way out, I usually can. For whatever reason, this time I didn’t. I was fine needing to walk much of it after 10 miles. I was actually impressed that I’d run that far at all, what with my extensive run training leading up to it. When I finished, I was more proud of myself than at any other time having run MUCH faster in years past. Sometimes beating yourself and what you’ve been comfortable doing before and committing to not doing them again is the biggest factor. My speed didn’t matter. That I had to walk didn’t matter. It didn’t even matter that my heart was sick. I said I’d do it, I didn’t bitch at all about it and I did it. Wouldn’t have mattered what occurred during the race, I would have finished and I know that. I focused on the end, not how I was going to get there. I liked that better.



Went to Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills for some family time today. Perfect day that it was, had everyone else coming out too. It was so busy that the line actually wrapped around the parking lot. Parking was obviously an issue. The main lot, lot across the street at Yates Roadside Park as well as the two paid lots down the road were all full. Rather than sit in the car for 30 minutes, easily, I parked on the north side of Avon off  on the shoulder that runs along the roadside parking lot. I was a good 10 feet away from the road. Got a $40 ticket, thanks asshole. Best part is that I got if from the Oakland County Deputy that had been parked on the shoulder on the other side of Avon. But he was parked about 3 feet out into the lane so that anyone that went around him had to cross into the oncoming lane for a couple of seconds. Told him I was there with three young kids and had been driving around looking for parking for a good 10-15 minutes but it didn’t seem to matter. The law is the law. Obviously I was illegally parked, but come on man, are you fucking serious? I”m there to spend money and have family time with my wife and kids. Deal with the people speeding by and J walking, or maybe the people drinking beer in the roadside park about 20 yards from where I parked. That would have required more work, more distance that he’d have to walk his fat ass. As would the water front, had he walked slightly farther, where he would have found at least 5 people sitting in the “environmentally protected area” that was actually fenced off. But I think I’ve figured it out, and I’d like to share it with anyone reading this so that you don’t get the same $40 ticket I did. If you take your open beer can and run really fast across Avon, avoiding the actual cross walk at all cost, hop the fence into the environmentally protected area and plop your fat ass down and smoke your cigarettes and drink some beer (and probably leave the empties there), it’s totally cool. As long as when you leave, you leave in a car that was parked in the correct spot.

Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for the week of 10/5


People who make no mistakes lack boldness and the spirit of adventure. They are the brakes on the wheels of progress. -Dale Turner
Special kudos to the “Elite Dom” girls – Dori, Jackie, Gretchen, Lauren, Kari and Liz. What it is, I still don’t know. But I saw photos of people hurting and laying in the road. So it must have been good
MCB Notes
- This weeks schedule is posted at
- Look for the updated 10 week training camp schedule to be released later this week
- Please confirm your spot for any of the training sessions on the schedule, especially the open sessions
- Make sure to bring your boxing gloves to the Th 7:30 am and F 5:30 am sessions


Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for the week of 9/14



“Being lazy sucks, don’t suck”
Motor City Bootcamp notes for this week
- the schedule for this week is posted at
- planning a Bloomer training day soon, just an FYI. So keep a look out
- sign up to follow the blog, and twitter,, for a Moosejaw discount code later this week
- anyone following the Adrian Peterson mess should check out this link

What Are You Doing That’s Better (my ode to crossfit)

So, this isn’t for or against CrossFit. As many criticisms as I have, I probably have just as many things I can support, as is the case with most things. What this is about pertains to the massive backlash against the whole “cult fit” movement. What I find to be funny, and almost annoying, is that MANY of the people I see that are either posting these anti crossfit rants or commenting on one that someone else posted, are fat out of shape people who know nothing about how to challenge themselves in a physical manner. Jumping on the “trash crossfit” band wagon gives them an excuse to continue going to the gym, walking at 3.0 for 30 minutes on a treadmill and doing a couple of weight machines while talking to the person next to them. The one thing I’ll say about crossfit is that it takes people WAY out of their comfort zone and teaches them how to actually “train” rather than “work out”. There’s a big difference and most of you won’t ever know what it is, and those are the majority of the people commenting and posting on all these articles I’m referring to. If you’re an athlete or are educated to understand the difference, you’re obviously excluded from this. So don’t get your panties in a bundle. My point is, criticize all you want, question everything BUT, make sure that you’re doing something better and actually understand the basic philosophy of the arena in which you’re throwing your opinions into. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t care for it much as a whole. Just as most people could criticize my methodology, and do. But, most of them push it harder than you ever will, using safe methods or not. However you choose to get yourself into shape, you need to TRAIN, not workout. And if you don’t know the difference, shut the fuck up.